Conyngham Brewing Company

Jalapeño Lager

This is our original, award winning Jalapeño Lager. A light bodied crisp American lager infused with a powerful aroma of peppers but only a subtle heat in the finish to maintain drinkability. Optionally squeeze in a lime to further cut the spice and add depth to the flavor.

Alc by Vol: 4.6%
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Format:12oz Cans, 4-pack, Case

Into Darkness

This stout is brewed with ample amounts of single origin cacao nibs custom roasted by one of America’s top chocolatiers, Madagascar vanilla beans, and some of the finest malts in the world. This creates a decadent, velvety smooth mouth feel with a subtly sweet finish. Complex dark chocolate and vanilla notes shine throughout. Pour into a glass and allow to warm slightly to intensify dark chocolate flavors.

Alc by Vol: 8%
Availability: In Stock
Format:12oz Cans, 4-pack, Case

Pirate's Gold

Belgian style golden strong ale brewed with imported Belgian grain and candi sugar. Strong characteristic Belgian aroma, very subtly fruity and clove spice notes, Overall deceptively smooth. 2016 LA International Gold Medal Winner.

Alc by Vol: 11%
Availability: In Stock
Format:16oz Cans, 4-pack, Case

Brutal IPA

This extra dry 'Brut Style' India Pale Ale is loaded with tropical and citrus fruit notes from a blend of North American and New Zealand Hops.

Alc by Vol: 7.6%
Availability: In-Stock
Format:16oz Cans, 4-pack, Case

Somewhere On A Beach

This is our summer lager. Refreshingly light bodied and crisp with a hint of citrus.

Alc by Vol: 4.2%
Availability:Seasonal, In Stock
Format:12oz Cans, 4-pack, Case

Enigma IPA

New England Style Hazy & Juicy IPA made with rare Australian and New Zealand Hops. Dry hopped heavily with the Australian Enigma Hop, known for it’s unusual red fruit flavors (Black currant, Raspberry, etc.)

Alc by Vol: 7%
Availability:Sold Out
Format:16oz Cans, 4-pack, Case

Blackberry Rosemary Sour

This award winning kettle sour has a refreshingly tart aroma and flavor that is intertwined with notes of blackberry. The sour is rounded out by a smooth finish with a subtle compliment of rosemary. Pour this beer in a glass to capture its full essence.

Alc by Vol: 4%
Availability: Sold out
Format:12oz Cans, 4-pack, Case


Our Award winning Grodziskie is a historic Polish style of beer dating back to the 14th century. We brew ours according to tradition: A highly sessionable wheat-based ale with a light body and crisp finish. A complementary mild smokiness persists throughout, causing many to identify kielbasa like notes.

Alc By Vol: 3.5%
Availability: Sold Out
Format: 12oz Cans, 4-pack, Case


Traditional German style Märzen brewed with all imported German ingredients. Full bodied malt forward copper-red lager.

Alc By Vol: 5.8%
Availability: Seasonal, Sold Out
Format: 19.2oz Cans, 4-pack, Case